Thursday, 13 August 2009

Twitter- Enhance your career

Twitter is a high powered tool which can aid your career prospects and provide employment success.

Twitter is an excellent tool to tap into diverse networks of people you would not normally have access to and can help accelerate your job search.

How can Twitter work for you?
  1. Offers access to industry leaders and professionals, providing up to date information for you to leverage for your job search
  2. Network with leaders and peers in your industry to promote credibility and build professional and personal relationships
  3. Network with a diverse cross section of individuals, from MD’s, hiring managers and recruiters, a real hot bed for networking activity
  4. Use of 140 characters or less ensures you think before you tweet, forcing you to think & clarify your proposition
What to do next:
  1. Create an account
  2. Create a professional Twitter handle
  3. Spend time creating a professional profile which will attract your target audience, linking it to other social mediums such as LinkedIn or your website
  4. Start to Tweet about your industry, latest industry news, major projects, interesting articles, the list goes on
  5. Start to follow leaders and peers in your industry, if you are tweets are of interest you will soon start to mass a following
  6. Build your network using TwitterSearch and Find People tool
  7. Remember don’t over do self promotion, give and they shall receive!

If you can think of any other points to add, please respond to the post! Also, feel free to add any details on how Twitter has played a positive or negative affect on your career to date!