Monday, 24 August 2009

Fake employment references

Back in July we posted an article titled “Bogus Employment References Don’t Do It!” since then we have spoken to a number of employers who have highlighted the problem of fake and bogus references and how their use seems to be on the increase during the current recession. With the rise of the internet it has made it easier than ever for job hunters to find the services of unscrupulous companies, looking to make a quick buck by offering to provide fake employment references, fake CV’s and resumes and either provide fake employment alibis. High profile cases have appeared in the UK news throughout 2009 examples including a Scottish physics teacher banned from teaching in June 2009 for using bogus references so we wanted to make employers aware of some of the companies and the services they are supplying.

Companies such as, and in the US has lead the way for UK companies such as to provide similar services offers virtual employment which they provide their subscribers with a confirmation letter of employment, virtual telephone numbers, and offer proof of employment while there is a host of content on the US sites explaining how reference checks are carried out by employers the loop holes within the employment law and the employment referencing procedure as well as links to obtaining fake degrees and qualifications recognised in the UK.

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