Thursday, 13 August 2009

Reasons why you are not getting an interview

Online mediums-Multiple Job Boards

Solely relying upon online mediums to land a job just isn’t going to work! There are numerous online job boards and even more people using them, so how are you going to stand out from the crowd? If you think you can post your CV across a number of job boards, sit back and wait for the phone to ring to land an interview you will certainly come unstuck. Posting your CV across numerous online channels doesn’t increase your chances of an interview it actually has the opposite effect. We all know that people always want what they can’t have and recruiters and hiring managers are no different. Recruiters especially, always like to think they are working with a unique commodity i.e. you the candidate something that is so unique it will open doors to new clients and for you a new job. If your CV is on every job site under the sun, you are no longer unique and the chances are recruiters will pay less interest in you and will not work as hard to find you’re your next position. We suggest market your CV on one or two job boards which you believe targets your industry sector and bin the others!

CV-Your calling card and unique identity

As mentioned in previous blog posts, your CV or resume is your unique calling card and the most important document you can use to get you foot in the door and make a lasting impression at interview. Your CV is your one opportunity to market your personal brand and captivate your audience; this is a real opportunity to demonstrate your background and your ability to deliver. Make your CV a compelling read, ensure it is clear and concise with examples of successful projects, career highlights and defined results this will certainly encapsulate the audience and ensure they invite you for an interview to find out more! And always ensure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Apply for roles that fit your skills

All too often we see fork lift drivers applying for C# development roles! Wise up, it is never going to happen, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for people with the skills to fill a specific role within an organisation. Therefore you’re CV and background has to demonstrate the core competencies required for the role on offer, your CV needs to tick the right boxes. Without effectively demonstrating your ability to do so, then I am sorry, no interview.


We keep banging on about networking, but networking on and off line is a must in today’s saturated employment market. Networking ensures you are continually engaging with friends, family and peers within your chosen industry and has several positive effects:

You are keep up to date with your industry
You here of upcoming projects
You know which companies to target
You do not become retracted from society

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