Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dealing with redundancy

The old adage of a job is for life certainly looks as if it has gone out of the window as companies are now in a constant state of flux as they are shaped by a multitude of external factors and are continually having to evolve to maintain competitive edge and stay afloat which often results in down sizing, staff cuts and redundancies.

If you are one of many who find their job is now redundant, DO NOT take it personally and try to take keep the following in mind:

Loosing your jobs is certainly a traumatic experience as most of us spend more time in work during the week than any other activity. So if you are in the unfortunate position of loosing your job this may impact on your mental and physical wellbeing in a similar way to the passing of a family member. Remember it is not your fault, give yourself time to put events into perspective and then begin to construct a work plan to get back into the work place as soon as possible.

Work Pan
Studies show that high proportions of us actually dislike our job so redundancy can provide the impetuous, to re-invent yourself and look to explore new industries and career paths. Redundancy may provide the ideal opportunity to re-skill or cross-train in order to follow that new career you have been thinking about for some time!Work on your USPTake time to work out your Unique Selling Point, what makes you stand out as an individual and more importantly why an employer will hire you over another candidate in the market. Once you have established your USP, your strengths, core values and what you can offer, look to consistently market your personal brand and USP both on and offline. There are a wealth of social media and networking tools for you to market your USP and personal brand to the widest possible audience, ensure you are conveying a consistent message and your profiles contain as much up to date information as possible.CV/Resume creationI have read numerous online articles about the death of the CV or Resume as people create online video content for employers to view, but do not under estimate the power of a well crafted CV or Resume. A well crafted CV is an opportunity to create a powerful marketing document that highlights professional expertise and experience through your success and achievements. Your CV or Resume is your opportunity to build on your USP and personal brand to make an overwhelming first impression, opening the door to an interview.

Market Knowledge
As they say “knowledge is key!” and that is so true when you are embarking on your job search. Treat your job search as a full time job, take time each day to research the specific industry you are targeting, keep abreast of major industry news and study key players within your chosen industry. In our previous article we discussed the importance of networking, both on and offline put these principles into practice to ensure you are a knock out candidate when you are called for an interview.

Company Research
When you get that call for an interview be prepared! Find out as much as possible about the company you are interviewing with firstly to establish if they are the correct fit for you and secondly so you can demonstrate your company knowledge as well as being able to construct a set of well crafted questions to ask the interviewing panel.

Interviewers like a candidate who has done their research and a set of well crafted relevant questions about the company, competitors, up coming projects etc is a sure way to demonstrate you are on the top of your game and an excellent way to demonstrate your ability to perform.

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