Thursday, 10 September 2009

Silver: Low Cost, Flat Fee Recruitment-Full Recruitment Solution for £750

Talent Emporium’s low cost flat fee recruitment solutions provide companies with a low cost, fixed fee alternative to using a standard contingency based recruitment model. We employ the traditional advertising mediums used by many of the recruitment agencies as well applying web 2.0 techniques and social networking activities to ensure your job posting gains maximum online exposure in order to reach your target audience. With our Bronze, Silver and Gold low cost, flat fee recruitment solutions costing £500, £750 and £1250 (excluding VAT) respectively Talent Emporium is guaranteed to save your thousands of pounds what ever the role or industry.

Talent Emporium’s low cost, flat fee recruitment offerings not only offer a superior service to recruitment agencies charging a % of the candidate’s first years salary we are also more cost effective than direct advertising! Due to our extensive network of online job boards we can advertise your role cheaper!

Silver: Low Cost, Flat Fee Recruitment Solution

  • One payment of £750 + VAT
  • Every aspect of our Bronze fixe fee recruitment solution
  • We manage the full recruitment life cycle
  • Full candidate screening providing a shortlist of the most relevant candidates for you to interview
  • Arrange all interviews and manage candidates expectations throughout the recruitment process
  • Manage the “offer” stage of the process
  • Contact all candidates with appropriate feedback from the process via email

Multiple Purchase Savings (There are no expiry dates on our credits!)

We are also able to offer our clients further discounts for multiple credit purchases:

Purchase 10 credits and receive 10 Gold Credits for the price of 10 Silver Credits a saving of £5,000

Purchase 20 credits and receive 20 Gold Credits for the price of 20 Bronze credits a huge saving of £15,000

To start utilising our low cost, flat fee Silver recruitment solution email Silver Offering

Need a more indpeth search? Take a look at our Gold full recruitment solution-Passive candidate marketing for £1250 Gold Offering

Recruit on a tight budget? Take a look at our Bronze low cost flat fee recruitment solution, more cost effective than advertising directly Bronze Offering