Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Employment Background Checks

Following on from recent articles relating to bogus and fake employment references, CVs and qualifications we have decided to write about the importance of carrying out Employment Background Checks. Employment Background Checks are an effective tool to ensure the correct employment decision has been made, it delves deeper then the candidate’s qualifications and gives you piece of mind by ensuring staff and colleagues are safe both physically and financially.

In order to successfully complete an Employment Background Check, two main areas must be approached: criminal record check (Criminal Record Bureau) and credit record check. Criminal record screening should highlight any previous criminal activity such as arrests, lawsuits our any other problems related to judicial system. While credit record checks or consumer report is especially helpful if the role the applicant has applied for is finance related.

Criminal record checks (Criminal Record Bureau) consist of three types:

  1. Enhanced Disclosure Certificate if the role involves regular contacts with underage, adults under risk or elderly people. Position examples: nurse, medical dr., teacher, care assistant, etc.
  2. Standard Disclosure Certificate for top management positions involved in public or private financial sector. Position examples: company director, credit controller, cashier, accountant, etc.
  3. For any other positions or in case of foreign issues apply for Basic Disclosure Certificate.Position examples: openings outside UK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all other positions not specified above

Consumer reports require the approval of the employment candidate. The information obtained during this stage of employment background check forms the major part of the applicant’s credit history.

Employment background screening particularly the consumer report can also be done online. However, some information is limited to criminal activity in relation to credit matters. The steps are similar in doing free online criminal background check, except that this time, it requires legal notification.

From an employees’ perspective, employment background check guarantees safe working environment for people. For employers, background searches save them from any potential harm done to their properties, finances and work force.

Anybody from the Human Resource department can do the employment background screening. Two steps serve as a good guide. The first is to gather the basic information such as the complete name, birthday information, telephone number and the address as well as information relating to previous employment are good sources of information for background searches.

The second step is to confirm the applicant’s identity. Using the information gathered, contact the number or the address to verify the person. If this is not possible, Google is reliable source to confirm the information. If the steps are not possible, public records search can do the employment background check.

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