Thursday, 8 October 2009

Flat Fee Recruitment: Transparent, low cost recruitment

We all know that companies are built on their staff and talent acquisition is key to a company’s success, but does it really have to be so expensive? Especially in today’s tough economic times when organisations are looking to cut costs to increase their bottom line do you really want to be presented with a bill from a recruitment consultant (the emphasis on con in many cases!) for more than you were expecting? Talent Emporium’s transparent, low cost, fixed fee recruitment offering guarantees that this is not the case.
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that reducing recruitment and advertising costs when hiring is key for most businesses, irrelevant of size or sector and Talent Emporium is ideally placed to help your company acquire the talent you require to drive your organisation forward often 95% cheaper than using a contingency based recruitment model.

Although there are other flat fee or fixed fee recruitment services out there, we operate differently. Talent Emporium’s three distinct offerings enable clients to pay per 4 week recruitment campaign enabling clients to take ownership of the candidate applications received during that 4 week period. Our transparent, low cost, flat fee recruitment services ensure organisations maximise their ROI by enabling multiple personnel to be hired for similar positions from a 4 week recruitment campaign all for a fixed fee, starting at just £500. Surely this is a no brainer for any company, large or small as the cost of advertising across a network of job boards would far exceed our one off flat fee never mind the time of expense needed to manage the full recruitment process.

At Talent Emporium we differ from our competitors as the internet and social media plays a big part in our 4 week recruitment campaigns. We proactively employ the use of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to ensure our recruitment campaigns gain maximum online exposure and your vacancy is marketed to both active and passive candidates. Our use of online databases, social media and data mining of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN ensure we explore every avenue to ensure we deliver the talent your organisation requires.

Talent Emporium’s recruitment credits will never expire, allowing companies to purchase credits in bulk and receive even bigger savings on their recruitment spend. As you can see, for a one off fixed fee Talent Emporium provides a more thorough and deep rooted search than many contingency or retained recruitment services, saving our clients both time and money. In fact we are guaranteed to save you thousands of pounds on contingency based recruitment models, who charge a percentage fee of the candidate’s first year salary and benefits, from the first time you use us. There are no hidden costs, just a low cost, fixed fee to take away the administration and financial strain that often puts pressure on firms when recruiting.

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